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South Carolina Empowerment Centre was launched to address the increasing challenges facing youth living in generational poverty, by providing support, mentorship, and services that encourage youth to realize their full potential.


Our vision is that all youth have the support and tools to lead a productive and rewarding life.

Addressing Critical Needs

In South Carolina, one in five children lives in poverty. One of the most urgent needs facing these children is overcoming the cycle of generational poverty and the challenges associated with poverty, i.e. increased teen pregnancy rates, higher drop-out rates, and limited post-secondary education opportunities. Many of these children are living in single-family households, where the parent/adult caregiver lacks a high school education, resulting in limited career potential and financial instability. Generational poverty also has drastic impacts on a child’s educational attainment, health and wellness, and social/emotional development. These children are at higher risk than their more affluent peers to be attracted to risky behaviors and life choices such as gang activity and drug use, and generally have less supportive networks (family, school, and neighborhood).

Factors that improve a child’s ability to overcome the cycle of generational poverty are positive social influences that can be gained through involvement in afterschool programs that focus on mentorship, career exploration, and workforce and leadership development. South Carolina Empowerment Centre is a community-based service organization that uses this evidence-based approach to support youth during their middle and high-school years.


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